Rockland Coalition for Peace and Justice Photo Gallery

December 2, 2006

Fourth Anniversary Vigil Against the War

November 12, 2006

Lt. Watada's father Bob visits Rockland

September 9, 2006

Buddhist Peace Walk joined our vigil in Nanuet

June 27, 2006, Nanuet NY

Thank You Lt. Watada for Resisting This Illegal War

We stand with Lt. Watada

April 29, 2006, New York, NY

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Cindy Sheehan leads the march.

Third Anniversary Protest to End the Occupation of Iraq

U.S.S. Lies

Mission Accomplished

King George

Bring Troops Home Now!

Hurricane Relief, Not War!

Rockland Protests the School of the Americas

No more dictorships. No more torture.

Close the School of the Americas

No More Dead

Crosses of Conscience

Maryknoll nun speaks out

RCPJ is present

Rockland Protests the War in Iraq, Oct. 26, 2005

A candlelight vigil on the occassion of the 2,000th military death.

Grandmothers Protesting the War in Iraq Arrested in Times Square, Oct. 17, 2005

Thanks to IndyMedia NYC for the images.

I Always Walk This Way

Meet Your Government

Not My Grandson

Grannies Raging

Under Arrest

Men Too

March on Washington to End the War. September 24, 2005

Masses March

Message Sent

We All Want Peace

Foreward Ho

Stop Mad Cowboy Disease

Cindy Sheehan Leads March with Dignitaries and Notables

Jesse Jackson and Cindy Sheehan

Masses March

Candlelight Vigil to Support Cindy Sheehan, Nanuet, NY, August 17, 2005

Leaders Lie, Soldiers Die

We Stand With Cindy

Bring Our Children Home

We Stand With Cindy

Crawford, Texas, August 13, 2005

Crawford Rally

Prayer Service

Crawford Rally

Crawford Rally

Crawford Rally

Crawford Rally

Crawford Rally

Crawford Rally

Haitian Day Parade, Spring Valley, NY

RCPJ Joins Parade

Memorial Day Vigil, Nanuet, 2005

Wage Peace

Anti-War/Anti-Nuclear War Protest, May 1, 2005, New York City

End the War in Iraq

No More Hiroshimas

Drummers Beat for Peace

Soldier's Mother

Vietnam veterans protest another war

Tax Day: April 15, 2005, at Rockland County Courthouse, New City, NY

Pentagon Check

Taxes for Peace

Billions for War

War Equals Death and Taxes

Payee: The Pentagon

Peace Not War

All Together Now

World Social Forum

Here are photos from the January, 2005, World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil


Tower Sign



Iraq Banner

Ossie Davis, 1917-2005

Ossie Davis addresses Westchester antiwar rally, February 8, 2003

"In March 2003, Davis was one of tens of thousands taking part in an anti-war march in Manhattan. 'I believe that when the people are in motion, that's America at its best,' Davis told The Journal News before the march began. 'And when the people begin to move, I insist on being there. I want to be part of the movement. This movement is for peace. I believe it will grow and grow and grow until even the war makers will hear us.' " --The Journal News, February 5, 2005

Inauguration Eve Protest in Nyack

January 19, 2005, inauguration eve candlelight vigil in Nyack

January 19,2005, inauguration eve candlelight vigil in Nyack

The Nanuet Vigil--Rockland's Longest-Running Antiwar Protest Activity

March 26, 2005

April 9, 2005

October 23, 2004

October 23, 2004

June 19, 2004

May 29, 2004

March 6, 2004

December 24, 2002

December, 2002